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Strategic Business Planning

S4MDC offers strategic business, marketing and sales planning services with qualified cross-functional management skills covering marketing, sales, QA, engineering, production and accountancy. Business planning helps companies focus on their business and mould their strategy, but the reasons may vary; from raising capital to evaluating alternative ways forward. By working closely with management we identify all issues involved in a given strategy over a 3-5 year span, identifying internal needs and the external forces that will challenge you. This clarifies management priorities and sets a course for the future.

S4MDC brings expertise in the preparation and execution of company business audits,  marketing strategy and planning or just assisting senior management to establish company goals and objectives over medium and long term periods. Specific documentation includes:

  • Opportunity assessment and business planning
  • Strategy definition and implementation projects.
  • Market Research and product development.
  • International distributor research, selection and appointment.
  • Competitor analysis
  • Internationalization development projects OEM and OBL
  • Marketing plans and sales analysis.
  • Systems to control costs, minimise inventory and plan cash flow.