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Business Strategic Planning

S4MDC Medical Device Consultants assists companies with expertise in the preparation and execution of company business plans providing analysis, marketing strategy and planning, supporting senior management to establish company goals and objectives over 3 to 5 years.

Internationalization projects worldwide

Developing international markets is a natural evolution to affirm a company’s position on the global market. Expansion through overseas markets provides increased revenues but requires careful planning and execution both internally and in the marketplace. Internal resources can be stretched and the necessary expertise may not be immediately available in house.

S4MDC Devices Consultant provides tailored consultancy in assisting companies to assess ways  to internationalize through distribution network set-up (using our extensive list of international distributors) and/or OEM, OBL and JVs agreements.

Organization Planning

Any new project will have an organizational impact; S4MDC ensures that with any new activity you envisage, your organization will be able to cope.

Regulatory Affairs and QA consultancy

Regulatory and Quality Assurance management has become one of the greatest challenges in the medical device business today. Manufacturers are required to be continuously up-to-date on international regulations and requirements. Local registration in countries worldwide varies in complexity and form, the need to be able to manage the constant changes to be faced is now of paramount importance.

S4MDC provides knowledge and business solving solutions to manufacturers assisting them to fully comprehend and respect current and new regulations, especially EU Directives and Authorized Representative Services.

New product development engineering and prototyping

Our Consultant Engineering development services provide manufacturers with tailor made services for product development and prototyping.

Identification of specialist venture capital investors and pre-audit assistance

Companies in various phases of expansion often require additional finance to achieve their goals. We provide a service specialising in search and identification of medical device venture capital investors. In addition to this, we carry out the preparation of business plans, audits and presentations, designed to represent the full potential of the company in its best light.

Intellectual Property

Through its network of professionals, our specialized intellectual property service includes experienced patent and trademark attorneys and attorneys at law who have the ability to handle a comprehensive range of Intellectual Property services, including patent filing, trade mark protection, prosecution and litigation.

Advertising and Promotion

As companies grow, their corporate image can often become of secondary importance to the key drive towards expansion. A strong professional corporate image is a must for a company wishing to consolidate its name and reputation in the global market. S4MDC helps with maintaining a coherent image through all promotional materials and activities.

Industrial Design

In today’s global market, modern and advanced product design is an integral part of the marketing mix, adding value to the products and consolidating corporate image.

S4MDC supports the needs of companies in new product development and restyling of  devices, whether disposables or equipment.

Medical Translation Service

Our medical translation service covers pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnological and medical research translations. Thanks to our multi-lingual team, we ensure high quality medical translations that meet regulatory requirements.