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probably just a few defeats

I feel bad for Norv, really. Especially if he really is a nice guy, as everyone says. He’s probably just a few defeats away from losing control of this team, and then it will all unravel and, well, it will be ugly. Since before Thanksgiving, on Nov. 21, through Saturday, Dec. 5, St.

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Outfielder Adam Engel of the Dash was promoted back to Double A Birmingham after playing 14 games for the Dash and batting.327 while scoring 15 runs. To replace Engel on the roster Michael Suiter was promoted from Kannapolis. Tuesday’s attendance was announced as 4,277..

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DALLAS The Dallas Cowboys will play the Los Angeles Rams Sunday for the first time since 1992, restoring things the way God intended and reactivating old rivalries. After all, aside from Dallas choosing Julius Jones and the St. Louis Rams taking Steven Jackson in the 2004 NFL draft, there weren very many points of contention..

That makes 21 citations this week alone at the Eastern Industries Martins Creek Quarry between Route 611 and the Delaware River.Police filed the citations at the district court in Bangor, where staff on Thursday described the penalties trespassers face after they are cited. Here is a look at the repercussions, by the numbers:$50 to $300The fine, set by the district judge.$108.50 and $118.50Court costs for a juvenile and adult, respectively.$194 to $444Total fines and costs for a juvenile, including a Pennsylvania Judicial Computer Project fee.$204 to $454Total fines and costs for an adult.$1,940 to $4,440Grand total for juvenile citations this week.$2,244 to $4,994Grand total for adult citations this week.$4,184 to $9,434Total citations’ value.Pennsylvania State Police at Belfast said they filed citations during Monday’s death investigation against Cullen Howard, 19, of Barnegat, New Jersey; Maximillia Lombardo, 19, of Manahawkin, New Jersey; Ndale O’Brien, 22, of Piscataway, New Jersey; Edwin Cruz, 26, of South Plainfield, New Jersey; Anthony DeJesus Torres, 19, of Phillipsburg; and five juvenile males from Phillipsburg, including one 17 year old and four 16 year olds.Pronounced dead at the quarry after disappearing under the water was Jonathan M. Baksh, 19, of Edison, New Jersey.

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