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International Marketing & Distribution Projects


Developing international business is a natural evolution in a company’s strategic position in the global market. Expansion through overseas markets provides for increased revenue but requires careful planning and execution both internally and in the marketplace. Internal resources can be stretched and the necessary expertise may not be immediately available in house.  Understanding regulatory, product and market issues associated with international expansion involves specialist management skills and knowledge.

S4MDC offers a tailored consultancy in assisting companies assess methods to internationalize through distribution set up, OEM, OBL and JVs,  providing multilingual consultants with expertise in worldwide markets covering all sectors of the medical device industry.

Distributor Search, Selection and Management

S4MDC has accumulated a list of international distributors worldwide which is regarded by many as the largest in the world.  This service assists manufacturers in simplifying the access to global distribution and improving time to market, through the identification/selection of key markets and subsequent synergistic distributors. Each country has different purchasing systems, needs, taxation systems and import regulations. Furthermore, registration has become a critical issue in the global market place and documentation requirements vary significantly. The appointment of distributors needs careful assessment to avoid costly errors. Our specific deliverables include:

  • Market assessment, size and bureaucracy
  • Search assessment and selection of key distributors
  • Distributor financial standing and reputation
  • Distributor business synergies and geographical coverage
  • Local registrations
  • Product and sales management
  • Setting sales targets and fixing A&P cost distribution
  • Contractual and regulatory requirements
  • Market prices, distributor margins and associated costs
  • Tender activity; local vs international and eventual triangle deals
  • Promotional issues such as local congresses, activities with KOLs
  • On-going management of business
  • Training requirements both product and technical
  • Payment terms and debt recovery
  • Termination of distribution agreements

OBL and OEM agreements

Alternatives to third party distribution networks in the internationalization process should always be taken into consideration.  Some companies with engineering-led philosophies may find distribution strategies such as OBL or OEM agreements more in line with their product and business philosophy.

S4MDC has significant experience assessing OBL and OEM strategies and subsequent appropriate courses of action.

  • Evaluation of market, product positioning and technical issues
  • Assessment of impact on the manufacturer
  • Evaluation of cost
  • Future resources and manufacturing capacity implications
  • Liaison for regulatory and QA
  • Assessment of the correct course of action between OEM/OBL
  • Selection and  assessment of synergistic partners
  • Initiating dialogue with potential partners
  • Negotiation of agreements and contracts
  • Finding correct and balanced commercial terms and conditions
  • Balanced pricing agreements
  • Setting balanced stock and forecasting delivery schedule/production runs for product supply

S4MDC can provide constructive insights into finding the correct balance for manufacturers wishing to enter into these supply agreements offering a feasibility study evaluating specific ideas.